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Thank you and See you next year!

The 2017 8th Annual Aki Matsuri Japanese Festival, presented by TOTO USA, and organized by Japanese Festival Association of Nevada (JFAN) was a huge success.  There was an estimated attendance of over 10,000, guests. Our guests experienced wondrous Japanese music, dance, and culture, and were treated with a variety of food and general vendors.  For the first time ever, three performing groups and one solo performer traveled all the way from Japan to entertain us. We are humbled by their presence at our festival. We also have many Las Vegas performing groups that enriched the Festival with their special demonstrations. Our community is blessed with their efforts to spread the cultural and educational values and add another layer for Las Vegas to uphold its reputation as multi-cultural international city. 

No one could have predicted the tragedy that forever changed the Las Vegas Valley on October 1.  The Aki Matsuri Organizing Committee chose to go forward with this year’s festival because we are Vegas Strong. We are proud of our performers, vendors, and volunteers who united together to make this year’s festival more successful than ever in spite of the October 1 tragedy.

We love seeing all the smiling faces and happy people enjoying a beautiful fall day in historic downtown Henderson.  Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the culture and history of Japan.  We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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PeoplePlanetWater is TOTO’s mark of excellence — our stamp of approval — that represents TOTO’s superior accomplishments in engineering, technology, research & development, sustainability, water conservation, data & metrics, and our multitude of certifications, specifications, and BIM. PeoplePlanetWater stands for TOTO’s innovation around technology that directly benefits people, the environment, and water-saving efforts.

Water, Earth & A better Tomorrow
Since its founding, the TOTO Group has recognized the tremendous value of water. Today, with ever-increasing water shortages and the rise of global warming, we are redefining our relationship with this essential resource and are even more dedicated to sustaining the environment through the development of high-quality, water-efficient products.

Turning on a faucet and taking a shower are ordinary activities, but now they are opportunities to save water and reduce CO2 emissions.

Adding "protection of water resources" to our list of Global Environment Goals highlights our efforts to produce products that facilitate environmental sustainability.

 The TOTO group will work as one and meet these crucial objectives, and we sincerely hope that our involvement in local communities leads to better living, and a better tomorrow.

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