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#EdamameChamp is an online chopstick skill competition organized by TABLE FOR TWO USA to promote healthy eating through Japanese cuisine andto raise funds for providing food education programs to children.

Aki Matsuri Cup


Challenge your chopstick skills with this fun event! ALL AGES ARE WELCOME! 

Submit your video HERE! by September 20

(For those who are under 18 years, please do not show your face in the video.)

The first 100 participants will be on-air at the Virtual Aki Maturi on 10/17 & 10/18

 How to participate

- #Edamame Champ Theme Song -

"Mame" means "beans" in Japanese. Enjoy the “Mame” song while challenging your chopstick skills!  

(1) #EdamameChamp Score Sheet (download & print from here)
*If a printer is not available, draw 5 circles on a letter-size paper!
(2) 25 or more (up to 100!) shelled Edamame beans or any beans you have 
(3) 1 pair Chopsticks
(4) Timer

You will need...

(1) Place edamame on the score sheet or letter size paper (on the first quarter), and write your nickname on the top of the paper

(2) Set a timer for 1 minute!

(3) Pick up edamame with chopsticks and make a circle with 5 edamame in the designated space. If you finish making five circles, keep making circles in the white space.

*Pick up edamame! Don’t drag!

(4) Put your chopsticks down when 1 min alarm goes off. 

(5) Count the number of edamame transported, and write it on the top of the paper

(6) choose one of the categories below and write it on the top of the paper


Kids/Teen  (Under 18)  / Adult (18 years or older) 
Learner (Did not use chopsticks growing up)  / Expert (Grew up using chopsticks)

Competition Rule...

Make a Donation to TABLE FOR TWO

TABLE FOR TWO USA (TFT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that addresses hunger and health issues related to unhealthy eating. Our goal is to equip students with practical food knowledge and encourage lifelong healthy food choices. We provide the unique Japanese-inspired food education program “Wa-Shokuiku –Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!“ to students in the U.S. Your donation will help us reach our goal.

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