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Soul Splash Crew
From Fukuoka To the World. Dance Performance Group ''Soul Splash Crew (S.S.C.)'' S.S.C has a totally original dance style ‘’they call it show-style’’ that is based on jazz and mix various kinds of dance style you wouldn't have seen before.
S.S.C. was founded in 2002 and has its annual performance in Las Vegas, the city of the entertainment. S.S.C. hopes its energetic and soul-oriented performances would encourage the youth to pursue their dreams...
Menkoi Girls
"Menkoi Girls" from Japan, is back. Did you know they are "Locodol" (Local Idol) with Performance Calligraphy, and the winner of the "Shiodome Locodol Koshien 2016” (汐留ロコドル甲子園2016), the best Locodol in Japan.
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"PUPPETION" coming back to the Aki Matsuri. A group of multi-talented performers. Dance, Magic, Mime, Juggling, Robot Dance Statue and more! 
Junji Tobaru
Born on the small island of Kume, in Okinawa. Junji has been performing Sanshin* since he was a little boy. He travels all over Okinawa, mainland Japan, and the world spreading the wonderful music of Okinawa.
*The Sanshin(三線) is an Okinawan musical instrument with three strings.